Seeking the lowest price packaging can often be fatal to your brand and lead to damages of the product. When cutting costs, quality and service often suffer and in other instances the low cost packaging on offer is not a fair comparison. That is not to say you cannot be cost effective but in order to do this, your packaging supplier must understand your business needs and goals to optimise your budget without compromise.

Packaging can be over designed or under designed, leading to over paying in the first instance and damages to brand and product in the second instance - both are costly to your business and do not optimise your packaging spend.

To make cost effective recommendation, questions needing answers will include:


  • Brand presentation

  • Type of product being packaged

  • Size of product being packaged

  • Weight of product being packaged

  • How many units per carton

  • Shipping conditions

  • Pallet stacking


We are available to assist with your quest to proudly represent your brand and protect your products.