1. Introduction

    Similar to most industries, packaging has it’s own language, conventions and idiosyncrasies. The purpose of this page is to answer those that we hear most often and if you cannot find the answer here, please feel free to contact us sales@timepack.co.za

  2. When measuring for a box, do I quote the internal or external dimensions?

    We work on the “internal dimensions” (L x W x D). Always remember to add an additional 3mm for single wall board and 6mm for double wall board to ensure a secure (not too tight) fit with sufficient room. Sample boxes can be provided where customers are unsure, however a special size must be hand cut so please allow a few days.


  3. How do I know what style of box to choose?
    The most common box style is the RSC (regular slotted container) where the closing flaps are the same length and the major flaps meet in the centre – Other styles include:
    • A Full Overlap Box is similar to an RSC except the major flaps overlap. This provides additional strength for heavier goods and is also used to package thin singular items such as hard cover books.  
    • A Half Slotted Container (HSC) Bottom or Top normally used as a shroud (cap) or base (btm) to protect items such as furniture or large vases etc. and secured by strapping, tape or pallet wrap.  
    • A Five Panel Folder is shipped flat to a packager without a manufacturer’s joint and is often used for long items. The box has five long panels, one of which fully overlaps. The ends also fully overlap.
    • A Full Telescope Box has two fully telescoping sections. The sections may be formed by staples, die-cut locks, adhesive, etc.
    • A Partial Telescope Box has two sections. The top telescopes partially over the bottom.
    • A corrugated tray is often used for display purposes or used with shrinkwrap.
    • Corrugated corner pads can be used for product support and cushioning.
    • Special die-cut shapes have almost endless designs and uses.
    • For more information, please see here: Box selection guide
  4. How do I choose the correct board?

    Board is usually selected on the weight of the goods and mode of transport to the final destination. Please see guide here


  5. How is the box printed?

    We use a Flexo Printer which is capable of producing good quality impressions on many different substrates and is the least expensive and simplest of the printing processes used for packaging printing. A rubber stereo is made, which looks similar to that of a rubber stamp but alot thicker – 99% of corrugated packaging is printed using a flexo printer eg  fruit boxes.We can print up to 4 colours.