Manufacturing Capability


Our emphasis is on quality of product and customer service and to enable us to deliver on this commitment, we continue to invest in software, machinery and vehicles that allow us to design your ideal packaging; demonstrate in 3D; print up to 4 colours (max 2,750 x 1,150 mm), slot or rotary die-cut in-line, auto stack, auto seam glue or stitch and deliver on time in full.

Computer controlled setup and registration (2800 x 1200 mm) 4 Colour flexo printing with in-line slotting, rotary die cutting and stacking allows for quality print at high speed. This is supported by computerised auto folding and glueing with reference memory which shortens setup time and prevents production bottlenecks.

Seam stitching up to 3m in length with computer setup and memory allows for higher speed stitching of both standard and extreme height carton boxes.